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Receintly I releaed a new application aimed at young medical professionals opening their first practice Fee Tickets 2.00.  If you are intrested or know someone who might be click on this message to get the particulars.

Some time ago I announced the discontinuation of My Daily Readreleasedcause I was unable to find a way to load the application properly on Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.  Since that time I have continued my efforts to find a solution for this problem and I believe that I have been successful.  After a great deal of research I have found that the Microsoft Data Access Components, (MDAC), which this application requires are already pre loaded with Windows 8 and Windows 10.  The older version of MDAC which is included with My Daily Readings 3.95 Build 2 simply will not load on these newer operating systems, causing the installation to hang.  My Daily Readings Build 3 does not contain the older MDAC but relies instead on the MDAC already installed with these newer operating systems.  Because MDAC is not included with Build 3 the download file size is just over 1/3 the size of Build 2 and the installation is much faster.  I have installed My Daily Readings 3.95 Build 3 on two systems running 64 bit Window 10  and it loaded flawlessly.  As for Windows 8, I have not been able to load on this operating system for lack of having it but I suspect that there are not that many Windows 8 systems left considering the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 by Microsoft.

My Daily Metric Readings and My Daily Glucose Readings have also been recompiled for Windows 8 and above. 

If all you are interested in is tracking your glucose levels check out my newest application, My Daily Glucose Readings 1.10  by clicking on this message.

For this new and improved version of My Daily Readings I have retained all of the features of version 3.95 with improved weight data entry and delete database utility plus, a corrected Blood Pressure Weight by Time and Date Line graph.  A problem was detected with this graph by Jose Daniel Montes of Argentina with whom I have worked closely to correct this graph.

 If you are already a user of My Daily Readings 3.95 you can upgrade to Build 2 by overwriting your existing .application file with the new application file from my download page.  A total reinstall is not needed if you have already installed version 3.95 and is still on your system.  You cannot upgrade any other version using this file, that requires a reinstallation.

A print by date feature makes My Daily Readings one of the most versatile applications of its kind.  Now you get to decide how many months you wish to include in a report, it isn't decided for you by some computer programmer.  The print summary pages only feature makes it possible to print summary's for reports that you have printed in the past without the need to reprint the entire report, or you could print a 90 day summary to go along with your regular monthly report for your office visit.

Originally I developed the My Daily Readings series of programs to track my own Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure readings  but I decided to expand the readings and offer the application to the general public as freeware.  Now the application also includes Pulse, Weight, Spo2, Temperature readings, and Insulin Injections as well.  There is also a comments area to be used any way you choose.

 My Daily Readings is not intended as a diagnostic program for treating yourself using your computer.  It is intended as a tracking and recording program to aid you and your doctor in treating your particular condition.  I developed the application after contracting diabetes and hypertension and suffering severe vision loss as a result.  That is why My Daily Readings contains large easy-to-read windows.

Due to some equipment issues I have had to start developing within the Windows 10 operating system.  Therefore, if you are running a operating system older than Windows 10 you will need to extract the files, from your download, to a temporary folder and run the setup program from your temporary folder.  I have installed the program on a Windows XP system, the way I described, and it installed perfectly.  The installation may be a little slower than you are normally used to seeing but it will work.

The Main Features Of Both Builds:
Supports multiple users.
Automatically sorts your readings by date and time however you enter them, no need to organize your readings before you enter them.
Unlimited readings per day, one every 15 minutes if you choose.
Blood sugar readings can be entered in either mg/dl or mmol/l formats.
Weight readings can be entered in either pounds or kilograms.
Tracks insulin injections.
Insulin type and injection sites databases that are user configurable.
Print by date range feature for both the standard and insulin log reports.
Print summary pages only for the standard report.
A comments area to be used any way you like.
32 auto ranging graphs to help you and your doctor track your progress.
Backup and restore utilities to help protect your data.
A database repair utility, just in case your database should become corrupted.
A database compaction utility.
Two database conversion utilities for users of previous versions of My Daily Readings and My Daily Metric Readings.
A fully integrated help system, just press F1.
A PDF version of the help file included.

New Features:
Improved weight data entry.
Delete database utility added.


If you have not worked with .zip files before, click on this message for a little help.



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As you know, I do not ask for donations for the use of My Daily Readings but if you feel that that it deserves a donation of some kind please consider a gift to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  All of the care provided by St. Jude Hospital is provided free to the children and their families through donations of people like you.


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